Double gym day


This morning I tried out a new class at the gym. I didn’t really like it! It is called “pump and pedal” and they advertised it as spinning plus hand weights. That was accurate, but it was really just spinning then hand weights, not incorporating them together. And spinning just isn’t my thing!

This afternoon was my usual Zumba. I really love that class! Also, there was a guy in it today for the first time! That was fun.

I came home to an Edible Arrangement from my mom for my birthday 🙂

And thank you all for the happy birthday’s!! I am so glad I was snowboarding this weekend.

Speaking of which…looks like we are about to get some awesome snow this weekend!!

Also: I am thinking of trying to run to work some days this spring. It is about 8 miles away. I’m thinking like drive some days and bring extra clothes, then run in ~2 days a week. Only once it is light out at that time. About half the run would be on the trail and half on the road, though, so I have to check out the feasibility of running those roads first!

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